"Dear Mr. Morrow,
I am in tears as I write this. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much. My instinct always said you will help me. You are awesome. It is all because of you."

"Dear Ron,
I'm really at a loss to express my gratitude. You have been a tremendous encourager to me through an experience that had me questioning just about everything in healthcare and my life as a nurse practitioner. Your skills, knowledge, expertise and diligence are remarkable and made a world of difference in my life. I wish no one ever needed your services - just like I wish no one ever needed mine. But I can't imagine there is a better advocate out there than you. You lead a great team. Thank you for everything!"
Julie (March 2018)

Thank you for all of your guidance, intelligence, support, and expertise. I am very grateful for your patience and experience in helping me with my responses and my legal skill communications. You are an amazing person to learn a lot from. My staff and I are also very impressed by your wonderful and professional staff, Ryan, Jonathan and others. We will follow your guidance and support in the future."
Best Regards, Dr. D

"Dear Tom Morow,
I want to compliment you on your first rate trial work in our recent matter. You are an exceptional trial attorney and your cross examination of my forensic expert, JT, without the benefit of discovery, was simply brilliant."
Kudos, RK

"I was most impressed with your tenacity, but even more so with the amount of work devoted to preparing for this case. You should be commended. It was a pleasure having you in my courtroom."
Judge J.C.T.

"I am so grateful for the hard work and caring you put into our recent case. I could not have asked for a more excellent lawyer or a better friend and support person...The combination of integrity and caring will carry you far in your career ....Other physicians speak poorly of their attorneys. I have been extremely lucky to have you.... Your method of preparation is intense. You leave no stone unturned. You are never unprepared and don't want your client to be unprepared. These actions yield a strong feeling of confidence in your client."
E.R.J., M.D.

"Although it is a very painful experience to go through, it was lightened by working with Ron Shaw. I was lucky to have Mr. Shaw as my defense attorney; he was very supportive of me, and his knowledge of our case was impeccable. I was surprised at the command he had of all the minute details embedded in the thousands of pages of available medical records. Notwithstanding a very bright defense strategy, he always encouraged me to be completely truthful and candid in my depositions. I can only hope that if any of my colleagues suffer a similar trance, that they will be afforded the possibility of having Mr. Shaw as their counselor."
F.T., M.D.

"I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Ron Shaw for his work in this case. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Ron defending cases; it is always different, of course, when the case hits home. I am impressed with Ron's ability and his thoroughness....I feel that we have obtained the best possible disposition of this case. I feel privileged to have Ron Shaw as my attorney."
L.H., M.D.

"Initially, I thought the intensity of the defense preparations were overkill until the jury trial unfolded. Though there was absolutely no medical merit to the case, without a vigorous defense, the carefully selected facts woven into a plausible story by the attorney for the plaintiff could have been convincing....Mr. Shaw skillfully juggled his giant enlargements of the medical record and successfully counteracted the blatant editing of the facts by Ms. C. It took a lot of work and skill on the part of Mr. Shaw to show that the medicine was indeed good. There is one more observation that I wanted to share. Mr. Shaw's office works as a team. I recognize teamwork since I have spent the greater part of my career trying to improve the [My ED team]. Teamwork was the reason for any success I may have had and it is always more effective than the superstar approach to performance. Thank you for picking an effective team for my defense."
C.K., M.D.

"I wanted to say thanks for providing me with someone like Ron Shaw for my defense. He was always there, always informative, always helpful, and always gave me 125%. In my non-legal opinion, he out-lawyered the plaintiffs' attorney by multiples of 10!"
D.H., M.D.

"I especially want to thank you for providing the help of Ronald Shaw, Esquire. His work, in every way, was magnificent. I have never seen a better organization of records or more complete procurement of records. His handling of my own involvement was done in a most diplomatic and caring fashion, and covering all aspects of the situation. The development of the situation before the medical panel was full and expert in every way. The summary judgment, which occurred at the end of the second day of the four day hearing, was without question due to his knowledge of the law and presentation of all facts of the case. In my opinion, it would be very difficult for Medical Mutual to find anyone who could handle cases similar to mine in such a magnificent fashion."
J.H., M.D.

"I write to you knowing that written words cannot convey all that I want you to know of my deep respect for your help and, above all, my gratitude. I have not needed to develop such an intense partnership with a colleague many times in my life. It was truly a rewarding, if unwanted, adventure....I owe to you for all you did to assure that, between us, we presented me for who I am."
R.B., M.D.

"I am very pleased to find a lawyer who is sincere, hardworking, and dedicated. I hope you keep up the good work, because we "poor doctors" will always need your help. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to everyone in your firm."
S.J., M.D.

"I feel fortunate that the insurance company put you on my case. As I told you, I am much more comfortable in a smaller, more personal setting such as you and your office provided. At the same time, I felt extremely confident in my attorney, an especially comforting concept. I was treated for what I think was a relatively small suit the same as if we were talking about a multimillion dollar case. So, I was fortunate to have someone on my side that also seems to be working too much, but at least in my favor."
J.S., M.D.

"If you have not recognized my appreciation for all of your efforts during this long endeavor, I would like to reiterate that I feel that I was superbly represented."
D.S., M.D.

"This letter is to express my sincere appreciation for your excellent work to help me with the T.W. case. I can see that you have had a lot of experience handling these types of cases. You have been on top of the claimant's lawyers through the entire ordeal. In my opinion, you are one of the best malpractice lawyers."
P.T., M.D.

"I thought I should let you know that Dr. R. sent me a note after you met with him to tell me that he was pleased to see your approach to the issues involved and how aggressively you planned to defend him."
R.K., Esquire

"We were overwhelmed with gratitude not only for your kind support, but for your excellence. The case was flawlessly prepared and the presentation was outstanding...We were very impressed by your acumen, attentiveness to each important detail, well-designed strategy, patience, and remarkable restraint. You were both wonderful and went the extra mile."
D.B., M.D.

"Just got the notification of the good news. All I can say is thanks. Thanks for the work, the good advice, and the concern. Made a miserable situation much more bearable."
M.K., M.D.

H. and I are truly happy with the outcome of the S. case and want to thank you and your firm for representing me. I truly appreciated your thoroughness, professionalism, and above all else, belief in my innocence." C.J., M.D.

"Again, thanks for your efforts on my behalf. You were great."
D.L.Z., M.D.

"I want to thank you....again for the outstanding jobs you do for medical defendants. The organization, law team, and highly qualified (All Star, really) expert witnesses were all second to none. Although being a defendant is something I don't want to ever be again, I wouldn't want anyone else defending me during such a tough time."

I especially want to mention highest praise for Ron Shaw (and Amanda Just). He is head and shoulders above every lawyer in the courtroom, all while deftly handling the high anxiety of his client's wishes. I know from experience in my own field that this is not easy. In fact, I truly believe that Dr.____'s case was won by Ron as much as by her own representation."

"OMG you guys are wonderful and my family appreciates everything you and your firm have done for us.... Thank you again for the great news, you made our day. :-)."

I want to express my appreciation for all of your work on the "___" case. Thanks for all of the guidance you provided and the long hard hours. I recognize much went on "behind the scenes" that I was not directly involved with. Additionally, I would like to thank everyone at your firm who assisted. I know many people were involved and worked diligently. Thanks for being a professional and a gentleman through the whole process."

Please accept this as a token of our appreciation for the outstanding work you do. It is good to know that one of the best is working to defend Physicians during our most stressful time."

"Dear Ron,
Now that the ___ matter is resolved, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that it was an honor to have the opportunity to work with and watch you during the course of the trial. I especially appreciated your civility and reasonableness in the weeks leading up to and throughout the trial, which seems unfortunately uncommon amongst lawyers in my experience. On top of that, you have a presence and manner in the courtroom that was most impressive to watch. As a young lawyer, there is no greater opportunity to learn how to be a better lawyer than to observe a gifted and experienced lawyer like yourself. I look forward to working together again in the future."

"That's all I had on my side, God, the truth and Thomas Morrow." Loretta Tribble as quoted in Never Too Young To Die-The Death of Len Bias, Cole, Lewis, Pantheon Books 1989 (ISBN 0-394-56440-5)

Mr. Morrow, you put the entire nightmare into such clear perspective and provided the encouragement for [our daughter] to make it through her testimony, that we feel blessed that [our attorney] was professional enough to recommend your services.

Your representation was amazing and I appreciate everything you did for myself and the peace of mind you provided my parents. ... I know I would not be moving forward had it not been for your guidance and representation. Thank you again.


I am still in some kind of daze...

But we both are very happy, not only about the wonderful verdict, which would have been IMPOSSIBLE without such a gifted lawyer as you are, but even more so that we met YOU!!!!!! Thanks again!
Dr. CK

Mr. Morrow, from the bottom of my heart, I'd like to say thank you and to express to you my deepest gratitude for everything you have done for me and my family. Your professional elegance and performance at the trial this afternoon was simply a masterful piece of art. I am very glad that you were chosen to help us with this case.
Dr. ML

"I especially want to mention highest praise for Ron Shaw. He is head and shoulders above every lawyer in the courtroom, all while deftly handling the high anxiety of his client's wishes. I know from experience in my own field that this is not easy. In fact, I truly believe that Dr. L's case was won by Ron as much as by her own representation."